Live Life as an Opening Day!

Book Design

Live Life as an Opening Day!

One of my best friends, Edward Riley, recently published his second book, “Opening Day: A Big Idea in a Little Book.”

This heartwarming book is inspirational for everyone who owns a small business… heck, it’s inspirational for everyone! It tells the story of a successful store owner and why his customers keep returning. It’s all in the attitude – customer service goes a long way!

The ideas Edward put forward in this book help keep me focused on client satisfaction and appreciation.

His idea for the cover was a fun, challenging project. He wanted a wiggly balloon man, like you see at grand openings and sales. Easy, right? Not really. The images I found weren’t quite right. So when I finally found an image that could work, I had to tweak it.

Believe it or not, the original image had the balloon man in the foreground of a photo that included buildings, electric lines, trees, and other miscellaneous items you’d see in a city’s shopping area. The balloon man himself was red with big white words all over him. After I removed the background and words, I changed the color to turquoise and gave him more of a cartoony look to help the image pop off the cover.

I’m pleased with the final outcome, as is Edward, which is the important part 🙂

Read more about the amazing Edward here.