#DigitalNomad: Florida: Chapter One

#Digital Nomad: Florida Digital Nomad

#DigitalNomad: Florida: Chapter One

Early in the morning, VERY early in the morning, I will be embarking on my first digital nomad expedition.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a digital nomad is someone who can work digitally from anywhere in the world, creating a mobile office wherever the wind carries her. The wind is carrying me to sunny, warm Florida!

So at 1 a.m. Valentine’s Day morning, my trusty MacBook Pro and I will be heading to PDX, flying to Phoenix for a brief layover, then soaring across the country to Tampa. This is where I will find my long-lost friends/clients. Together, our next stop will be the Amelia Island Book Festival for a few days of festivities, and then back to Tampa we go.

In amongst the merriment, I MUST find time to work on client projects. This is where self-discipline comes in handy for graphic designers, especially those of the nomadic variety. So this will be an experiment of sorts… Can I explore bright shiny new surroundings while staying focused on work?

Find out in next week’s blog from the sunny Florida beach!