Tools of the Trade

Oh the Snow…

Oh the snow… such beauty can cause such havoc.

The Power Outage of February 6, 2017, made me appreciate the importance of having one’s laptop battery in tiptop shape in order to keep up with impending deadlines!

I usually work on my iMac when in the office, and I take my MacBook Pro on excursions into the world to work at a local coffee shop or restaurant for a change of scene and inspiration… inspiration that is abundant in the Pacific Northwest.

But, because of the availability of electrical outlets, I don’t worry too much about my laptop battery that is currently on its last legs.

This is unfortunate.

For today, with deadlines looming, the power was out for hours… precious hours… And my poor MacBook can barely hold an hour’s charge.

Luckily, the electricity finally came flowing back in, the heat came (it was a chilly 59 degrees in here), and my iMac chimed happily as I pushed the power button.

Moral of the story: In order to help meet deadlines, make sure your devices’ batteries are charged up and raring in to go in case of a power outage.

(I will be ordering a replacement battery today!)