Color Color Everywhere Color

Color Overload!

Color is everywhere – it inundates our visual experiences everyday.

The world is enlivened with brightly colored posters, signs, newspaper and magazine ads, TV commercials, all vying for your attention. It seems the brighter the visual, the better the chance to be seen. Makes sense, right?

But what really stands out is difference. That’s what your eye is drawn to.

So in a world competing with more and more color, use a strategic lack of color to overpower the competition. For example, when buying an ad in a full-color publication, consider not using full color. More than likely, the ads surrounding yours will be busy and bright. The reader’s eye will look for a place of rest. Let that place of rest be your calm, cool, grayscale ad, framed by the color around it.

Your ad will be noticed and its message read.

In the image above, where does your eye settle? My eye lands on the black horizontal line, is drawn right to the quiet, dark statue, then jumps straight over to the wall of black and white photos.

Don’t think for one minute that black and white designs are boring. Click here for examples of effective use of this not-so-limited color palette.