#DigitalNomad: Florida: Chapter Two

Digital Nomad

#DigitalNomad: Florida: Chapter Two

Success! A digital nomad life is possible for me!

The beauty of the Florida beaches have not stopped me from keeping up with my deadlines. It helped that I could look out the window to the waves rolling up onto the sand… I could almost feel the water on my toes.

The Frida Kahlo Exhibit at The Dali
The Frida Kahlo Exhibit at The Dali

Of course, I’ve taken some time to enjoy my surroundings. Today I toured The Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. Along with the amazing work of Salvador Dali was the special exhibit of Frida Kahlo. I had recently seen the movie “Frida”, that told of her tumultuous life, including her marriage to renowned Mexican artist, Diego Rivera. Seeing her work, photos, and journals up close and personal brought even more depth to this strong, independent artist.

Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali

Dali’s work excites me. I love peering deep into his paintings to see his hidden messages. The audio tour explained a lot of his pieces in depth, which was very helpful! I find it interesting that he was named Salvador after his older brother who had passed away before Dali was born. According to the commentary, this gave him a bit of an identity crisis, wondering if he was the “real” Salvador or if his brother was.

I’m feeling a trip to Dali’s hometown of Figueres in Catalonia, Spain, coming on…

Let’s take this digital nomad thing global!



  • James


    Did Joli get eaten by a Floridian Shark whilst out for a swim? Maybe she went swimming right after lunch and got cramps and drown (and was THEN eaten by a shark)? All I know is her logs mysteriously stopped after her nomadic journey.


  • Joli Winsett

    Yes, I am coming to you live from the belly of a black tip shark:

    “Blacktip (Carcharhinus limbatus) is a dark bluish gray shark that bears a distinctive black tip on most fins except its anal fin. Blacktips are principally pelagic but often come inshore in large schools, particularly in association with Spanish mackerel. Frequently it is the most common shark (especially young) in clearwater cuts and along beaches in Florida and the Bahamas. The blacktip is a valuable commercial species with marketable flesh, hide, fins, and liver. It is one of the most commonly collected sharks in the commercial fishery, but is also fished for sport on light tackle and often leaps out of the water when hooked. The blacktip is thought to be the culprit in most “hit and run” attacks on humans. It can grow to 8 feet in length.” (http://nsgl.gso.uri.edu)

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